It took a month far away but closer than ever

A photo collection for you all. Song «We will toast again» by Lucía Gil: We will toast again Sad days, it’s hard for us to be alone, we look for a thousand ways to defeat foolishness. Grey months, is time to hide, it may be the way of finding ourselves again. But it’s 8.00 pm and you’ve come out to...
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COVID-19 and Deafblindness. Recommendations on inclusive policies from the global deafblind community.

In these times of turmoil, with the whole world severely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, combined with other critical incidents like the recent earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia, we must ensure that those who are the most left behind, neglected, vulnerable and exposed to double isolation in any crisis, persons with deafblindness, are also equally protected according to Article 11...
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What to do during the quarantine? (Casimiro)

Hello! I am at home, in quarantine due to the coronavirus… This suck! But we should not be bored, in my case it is almost impossible to me to get bored. Why? I will explain you why: I studied, I am a design and animation professional. I have two projects, so I alternate the work between these projects. One of...
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What to do during the quarantine? (Victoria)

Hello, good afternoon, My sign name is Victoria and I am going to share with you my experience. . I stay at home and what I do is to read some books, love books. On the other hand, I am also cooking some bakery, I cook very different sweets. Furthermore, I speak with my boyfriend via videocalling, my boyfriend Miguel...
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