New extension of the Alarm State

Today, Saturday 18th April, the president of the Spanish government announced that tomorrow he will discuss some matters with the chairpersons of the Autonomous Regions and the next week, he will present the proposal to Congress of Deputies of extending the Alarm State until May the 9th. He states that he has already spoken with different politic parties and it...
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Frank: Hello, I would like to send you a message. I would like to thank all the members of the Board of Directors, deafblind people, of FASOCIDE and I would like to thank as well the deafblind people associations of the autonomous regions. As you may know, they keep supporting us, working from their homes in order to keep managing...
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What can you do during the quarantine? (Diana)

Are you watching the video? What am I cooking? I cook it by myself. I have been cooking chicken, specifically chicken thighs. It is very easy to cook. I am going to explain you how to do it: First of all, we need a cooking pot in which we will pour a little oil. Just a little bit of oil...
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Hello everybody, As you know, for the time being we are in quarantine due to the coronavirus. During this period, the violence cases against women may increase. If you are a woman with deafblindness and you suffer any kind of violent situation, you can report it. There is a Support Service for Women Who Are Victims of Gender-Based Violence, its...
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Mark the solidarity X

Mark the solidarity X in the income statement: a commitment and civic solidarity gesture in a crisis period. The advertising campaign about the income statement has begun since April the 1st, and you can support the most vulnerable collectives by marking X in your 106 box, the Solidarity X. When marking this box, a 0´7% of your taxes will be...
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