Our objectivesPersonas sordociegas recibiendo información de guías-intérpretes.

FASOCIDE has its own goal in the objectives for the promotion, development and inclusion of the Deafblind people in the social Spanish life, providing the same in both public and private institutions, as well as promoting, finding and creating all kinds of performances which allow meeting the specific Deafblind people needs in all areas to improve their life quality, ensuring their human, intellectual and social development.

With the main intention of being heard, we understand that FASOCIDE assumes the representation and defense of the Deafblind people’s interests in order to claim for our specific group needs to the entities that develop policies and plans both at the state and region governments.

Specific Federation’s objectives, among others are:

  • Offer all kinds of help, guidance and advice, specially to those Deafblind people who require psychological support in order to assimilate and accept their disability, stimulating them to deal with it and overcome it, actively participating in the associative movement, community and social life, including family.
  • Advocate to Governments and other public and private institutions for the rights of the Deafblind people, especially the right to be heard, taking into account their specific needs, its unique identity, and their right to represent themselves as FASOCIDE, when it comes to develop policies and plans both at the state level as well as in every Autonomous Community of Sapin, social services designed for people with disabilities and the development of policies for the full social inclusion of the Deafblind people, making easier their full equality and participation in the Spanish society with all rights according to the Law of Equal Opportunities, Non-discrimination and Universal Accessibility of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
  • Encourage studies and research on the different causes of Deafblindness, its prevention, and developing plans of action according to the mentioned studies.
  • Identify the general needs of the Deafblind people in Spain in order to raise awareness about their specific problems, by social awareness campaigns, in the defense of their rights to equal opportunities and non-discrimination and universal accessibility for all the Deafblind people, especially the most vulnerable members, such as Deafblind women, elders, Deafblind people with other disabilities, and any other group inside the Deafblind community which may have an increased risk of social exclusion.
  •  Promote, guide, coordinate and represent the associations of Deafblind people integrated into FASOCIDE in order to defend their rights and advice them to better management.
  •  Promote the establishment of Deafblind people associations, managed by the own Deafblind people, in the entire territory of the Spanish state.Comunicando2
  • Provide advice and guidance to the associations of Deafblind people in the search for solutions to their problems, as well as the own Deafblind people, their families and professionals who demand it, directing them to the use of resources and existing services.
  • Collaborate and ensure the creation of educational, training, rehabilitation programs, personal autonomy, communication skills, daily life activities, social and cultural activities and, in general, any type of programs made for Deafblind people that contribute to arrange the necessary adaptations and solutions in order to facilitate their integration in not specifically designed for Deafblind people’s programs.
  • Promoting institutions and public and private entities to create centres, services and specific programs for Deafblind people, in order to achieve the educational, employment and social inclusion for the largest number of Spanish Deafblind people possible.
  • Promoting and ensuring that FASOCIDE’s associations, as well as other entities related to Deafblind people, work on the Deafblind people eduction, training for their families and professionals in different areas of Deafblindness, in order to find and cover the basic needs of the collective.
  • Raise awareness to society and the business world on the potential and working capacities of the Deafblind people.
  • Facilitate access to information and culture inside the associations members by organizing events, free-time, cultural and formative activities, congresses, conferences, courses, seminars, etc.
  • Enhance and extend the service of expert Guide-Interpreters, as the main support, so Deafblind people can intervene on equal terms in decision-making and acting in all kinds of situations needed, obtaining the economic resources for its management and coordinate the use of this service.
  • Keep in contact and represent Deafblind people in the national and international field, in order to exchange experiences and information, awareness and dissemination of the Deafblindness problematic and the defense of their interests, also participating in those committees and working groups in which there are helpful contributions.
  • Promote the Deafblind people culture through the history for the collective protection.
  • Promoting and enhancing volunteering with Deafblind people.

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