Writing codes

THERE ARE ALSO OTHER WAYS FOR COMMUNICATION through writing, either on paper in ink (if there is sight remain) or in Braille, or by mechanical or electronic devices.


In addition, there are a few communication slats in which uppercase there are letters printed, highlighted and well contrasted, and a Braille transcription below so that toe of people who are deaf and blind and making it play the letters that make up the message can understand.

The transmission of the message is very slow and implies that the Deafblind person have a good touch discrimination and developed oral structures.

Some people also use Deafblind communication cards to give timely messages to other people. They usually have the printed message: e.g. “PLEASE, HELP ME CROSSING THE STREET”. Sometimes Deafblind people can write the message needed, but it should be clear and direct in a manner that the suggested action is the only response.

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