Elderly Committee

The main objective of this Committee is to achieve older Deafblind people to participate fully in society so they can feel part of it. To do so, and to improve the life equality for this very vulnerable group, working in the organization of activities aimed at older Deafblind people, especially on leisure and free-time activities, or excursions adapted to their needs, giving them the opportunity to enjoy and interact with other older Deafblind people.

ABUELITO RESIDENCIA 2This Committee consists of Deafblind people older than 60 years old and with the aim of creating a proper and plural space where Deafblind old people can feel identified, participating actively in the suggestions for new activities to contribute to the greater well-being.

Other more specific objectives are:

  • Develop all the necessary actions that contribute to improve the life quality of older DeafBlind people and encourage their:
  •  Fight in accordance with the Board of Directors for residential centres which have accommodated Deafblind people with adequate professional and technical adaptations.
  • Collaborate and participate with public administrations and public and private institutions in programs, activities that they develop.
  • Represent FASOCIDE in all those public or private institutions, in the areas related to the elderly.
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